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To hear Kaczmarczyk dig deeply into the keys is to understand what full-bodied, wholly committed jazz pianism is all about

Chicago Tribune

Artur Rojek & Paweł Kaczmarczyk

A sensational duo of one of the most important artists of Polish music Artur Rojek and one of the top European pianists of the younger generation Pawel Kaczmarczyk. The duo's repertoire consists well-known songs from the repertoire of Myslovitz.

Songs are performed by the duo Rojek / Kaczmarczyk and include everything you expect from climatic sounds - mystery, fragility and lack of monotony. Full concert halls during duo concerts only confirm the uniqueness of the project and show that contemporary recipient doesn't like chosing banal solutions and still look for new musical experiences.

Concerts of this project are especially recommended for all sensitive and lost in the busy rush of life audience - if you are looking for simplicity that will save your tired soul, feel invited to come!

Artur Rojek - Polish musician, composer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Member of bands Myslovitz (1992-2012) and Lenny Valentino (1998-2001). In 1992, in the Municipal House of Culture in Myslowice they formed the band Myslovitz (originally called The Freshmen). It was nominated to the award in terms of Fryderyki as the "Singer of The Year" (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002), "Author of The Year" (2001), "Composer of The Year" (2001), has won prizes in other polls. In 2012, after recording eight studio albums, left the band. He is a founder and artistic director of Off Festival.

Pawel Kaczmarczyk - Polish pianist and jazz composer. He is one of the greatest pianists of the younger generation, composer, soloist and sideman. He is called the revelation of Polish and European world of jazz, valued primarily for virtuosity, creativity and a very mature technique. He was repeatedly elected "New Hope Polish Jazz" by the readers of Jazz Forum. The third album "Complexity in Simplicity" released in 2009 for the prestigious label ACT Music opened to the pianist the door to an international career.